What is this?

Make2for1 is a unique investment opportunity that guarantees a return of 2 to 1. Give $1, get $2. Give $50, get $100. Once $250,000 in contributions has been received, I will begin with the first contributor and return double their contribution and continue to the second contributor and so forth until I have paid out $500,000. The $500,000 will come from my own personal income made from consulting, and from products, services and advertising sold on my various websites.

The sooner I reach the $250,000, the sooner your money will be doubled. Please help promote this ChipIn!

How do I invest?

Click the "Chip In" button to the right or click this link.


  1. Money will be paid back using PayPal.
  2. If your email address changes or PayPal account closes before I return the money, I will not be able to return your money.
  3. Donations must go through ChipIn but if you wish to be a very large contributor contact me in email or call +1-865-898-7189.